Mostly unedited poetry, some novels; maybe even a thought or two


Do you got what it takes? (rap)

The stories make your brain bleed, like the words read from the news paper’s ink
They manufacture a concept like a genetically modified seed, into the brain it’ll sink
Coated the outside with a socially developed fear, an idea that were approaching the brink
It’ll flood the air waves, filling every corner of your brain; the goal is that you can’t think

They want you to act; they want the voices to shout out in their support
The goal is to cultivate society thats all voices but no thought; only help for the war effort
Blank stares watching the televised destruction over the seas, all while silencing the retort
They twist the story so its of heroes and sacrifice; it’ll make you feel safe, television is now your comfort

So you wanna break the chains
Disable the politicians gains
Think you got it takes to hold onto their reigns?
I doubt you can handle all the pains.
So you wanna break the chains?
Are you ready for the blood stains.
Think you can disable the propaganda trains
I doubt you got what it takes to stand against the grains.

The home front is that of ballers, of making money and buying luxury, of seeking wealth
Here’s a cure for a made up disease, to show you how they help, how they’re focused on your health
The needle in your arm is manufactured by the same people making you sick, but now its in stealth
Humanity is over populated, and they’re game is focused on reducing the poor’s time on the shelf

What you could have afforded, they’ll jack it up until its out of reach, now its hitting the sky
They blame it on fighting for the freedom, fighting the fear, safe guarding you, so you won’t die
Some phoney ass CEO is reaping in the profits from the disease they created; dollar bills deafen your cry
The same dollar bills silence the courts, the jury and the judge; pay them off so they don’t pry

So you wanna break the chains
Disable the politicians gains
Think you got it takes to hold onto their reigns?
I doubt you can handle all the pains.
So you wanna break the chains?
Are you ready for the blood stains.
Think you can disable the propaganda trains
I doubt you got what it takes to stand against the grains.

If you go all crazy once you learn the truth; youre nuts and targeted by the same television broadcast
The very same you relied on for that phoney sense of security; has turned tables ridiculously fast
The more you awaken, the more it haunts you; you look back and see all the signs noticeable in your past
My question becomes does it all change, or do we keep feeding the beast, how long can the blind really last?

I don’t think ya got what it takes,
In the end, we’re all just mistakes.

Dumbing down existence

We sit here mostly focused on what we can own
Stagnation of a nation because we forgot what we’ve sown
The average man can’t think of anything with complexity
Instead our thoughts are haunted by complex anxiety

Takes over how we act, react, and how we comprehend
As soon as its questioned, everyone is so quick to defend
Jump to a conclusion that should have been out of reach
Shove it in the innocent man’s face while the chorus is screaming PREACH!

We experiment, but not on anything that expands our consciousness
Instead its how can we turn our minds to complete and utter numbness
Complain that life is challenging the growth of our existence
Maybe its not life, but our hunt for substance not subsistence

Rush forward in how much material wealth we can accumulate
Aiming straight for the round-about seems to be our dead-set fate
When we forget the lessons we took centuries to discover
The concept of flat earth being the words now spoken by your brother

Science became a paid-for industry furthering the elites schedule
Events in our world are only followed if can be suspenseful
Concepts so deep and wise
Now have to be dumbed down or ostracized
Ridiculed, debated and shot down;
Just for the entertainment crown

Is this the finish line our society sought
Numbing our people, culture and thought
Laughing the entire way to the oncoming depression
Ignoring any hint of possible suspicion.

Morals fatal flaw

We used to think the world was flat and was afraid to fall off

Now our biggest fear is a spreading mild cough

Wed go to war to protect our people from death

Now its just a flex of a politicians rotten breath

Morals we washed down the drain like mud off your hand

Wed rather all kneel down than rise up and take a stand

Our spines are bending to create a hunch back society

Cash hunting in the concrete jungle is the state propriety

An expanse of consistence expansive repressing laws

Targeting every single person’s personality flaws

Its illegal to speak out against the population’s grain

If you can see through the curtains you’re marked as insane

You’ll get locked away in the back of a prison cell

Sentenced to confinement by the countries political cartel

A badge to protect the mass from falling off the edge

Of the agenda from the person who took the pledge

To rule over those that can’t stand and rise

Its the fatal flaw that is morale’s demise

The beauty of winter

Every breath I take sticks frozen to this chilled winter breeze

The warmth which I hold inside my body, escapes as my limbs start to freeze

The thick white snow falls from the thin air and clumps all around

A foot or two of dense white snow blankets all of the ground

Fresh animal tracks go to and from; while the critters are nowhere in sight

It must be hard for them to survive such freezing temperatures at night

I can feel my body start to shake, and my lips are surely turning blue

But the scene in front of me is picturesque; as the sky matches my lips hue

Not a sound can be heard in this desolate world of beauty and of death

The only movement I can see is that of the falling snow, and my frozen breath

I must retreat to the inside of my cabin, which is oh so warm

For the fire will keep me alive; unlike this freezing winter’s storm

As I retreat into my shelter, I’ll stop to take one last glare

Of this picturesque winter scene in which I love to stare

Pain makes us feel

Some people yearn to be numb and feel nothing,

But they don’t realize that even pain makes us human.

It’s being able to comprehend that hurting so deeply;

That gives you an ability to feel such ecstasy.

To numb your mind is to numb your soul;

Then you walk this earth with your third eye closed.

Connections will pass you by that you should have taken,

But into the hole of ignorance you’ve stepped.

It’s not really a win to stop such deep of a pain;

Instead conditioning you mind to bear its burden,

Will allow you to find gratitude that is being alive.

For if you’re able to feel; you’re human,

And that is a gift to keep.

Wolf food

The terror from my lips portrays your fall

Don’t try and run, don’t try and hide; you’ve already stalled.

I can taste your fear in the stale air; it’s the sign I’m getting close

I got you to break from the herd; your weakness you’ve exposed

A cry calls out from my mouth; piercing and loud

The haunting message to my family; to which I’ve been endowed

Now your days are numbered; as we start to encircle your path

Your flesh will feed my family; a blessing in the aftermath

I can see you running ahead; panicked and startled

I can’t help my excitement as I see your trail is garbled

My brother jumps at your neck; a fatal blow indeed

Now it’s time to face the facts; you’ve become the wolf’s feed.

The grasp of insomnia

Another sleepless night

The clock moving drives me insane

Time moves erratic

Attempts of sleep is in vain

My eyes feel like they’re sunken

Like a ship on a reef

Shadows start to torment

Just adding to my grief

Hallucinations start to dance

While my eyes are stuck in a trance

The thoughts of dreams I romance

But I haven’t got a chance

I can hear my heart beating

But is it poison in my veins

My sanity is retreating

My conscience has got some stains

A hand grabs at my arm

Is it imaginary or is it real

Will it cause me harm

This illusion that I can feel

Swat away it’s essence

And it vanishes without a trace

I saw it’s iridescence

My pillow I hold and brace

Am I truly awake

Or is this the world of dreams

This scenario could be fake

I can’t find the truth, that it seems

Hallucinations start to dance

While my eyes are stuck in a trance

The thoughts of dreams I romance

But I haven’t got a chance

Ease the torment

How long do I wait for this trauma to vacate, and to flow out from this brain of mine?

It’s not a friend, nor should i pretend; that’s it’s not really a horror filled fiend.

Images of the past, harsh moments that lash at my conscience all the time.

They pull the emotional strings; the feelings which stings, always crossing the line.

Even at times of peace; that moment will cease because in flashes a sign.

The terrible image of death, or someone’s last breath; maybe even some crime.

Give my head a shake, tell myself it’s nothing but fake; but it just can’t be left behind.

It’s the shadow that follows; the thoughts leave me hallow, in my psyche does it bind.

Give me a break, or burn me at the stake; whatever the best way will find.

To ease this pain internal, that’s with me eternal; let me find the light that shines.

The world around us

Do you know what it’s like to be truly lonely?

The house cat surely knows;

It’s the feeling in the neglected dog that grows

Do you know what it’s like to question existence?

It was asked by the creatures under your feet

Just like the chicken that was in your feast

What gives the ability to alter our surroundings?

Is it that we have an opposable thumb;

or the view that everything else is dumb

How small is our size really?

Is it measurable by the ego so false

Or only things we comprehended with eyeballs

What makes us think we’re invulnerable?

Is it from the trauma because life is so quick

Or is it because the world is run by dick

Am I truly the insane one?

Or could this world be all a lies

And I’m looking at it without my eyes

Natures provided freedom

Walk outside to life of a mystery

The ever changing world is insane

Like the seasons effecting a maple tree

And the way it’s leaves will change

The forest will give you a prophecy

It may feel haunting, unwelcome or strange

Mother Nature is far from being a monstrosity

The feeling is because we’re estrange

Feed your minds curiosity

Let the path ahead rearrange

The forces will pull on you subconsciously

All you need to do is disengage

Walk away from commerce philosophy

Don’t focus on your position in the world’s stage

Forget about the global theocracy

Or all the wars in which it has raged

Instead look to our geography

Like wisdom printed on a page

Gaia can write your biography

If only you break free from your cage