Destroy to rebuild

A warrior lives within my soul

A shining light in a world dark as coal

Empower me and give me strength

Lend me the courage to destroy their rank

A symphony of death and sorrow

To pay for the time I’ve had to borrow

Give me strength to succeed my task

Give me wisdom to avoid the poisoned flask

Stay true to the ancestry vision

Allow me to complete my mission

The one arisen from the cold depths

I’ll return once I’ve finished the steps

A ruin world by my hand

To rebuild is the chosen’s plan

We all deserve to fall

As is the life which consumes us all.

They call it spelling for a reason.

A arrangement of letters to make a sound

Those vocal notes aren’t at all profound

Your brain receives it and knows the intent

Somehow those notes carry content

A few scribbled marks can make us receive,

An idea or feeling which our brains conceived

The power of feelings from a scribed mark

Ability to share ideas on a piece of birch bark.

The ability to hold meaning, feeling and information is magic

The amount we can express is metaphorically pelagic.

They can create heaven, and they can create hell.

It all depends on what exactly you spell.

Awake before the morning light,

Your eyes play game in the early twilight.

You hear the birds awake and call,

Away from the deafening urban sprawl.

There’s a loon on the lake who cries out loud,

The signal to the sun to remove the shroud.

The sky turns blue, or at least you think

It seems like the nighttime is starting to sink

The bush get louder and the energy rises

A great new day this symbolizes.

The night I dreamt I was a wolf

This night I went to sleep but actually awoke

This dream world is clearer than my words spoke.

I snapped into the dark of the forest’s night

But my eyes could see like it was daylight.

I’m confused and trying to make sense

Of what’s going on in this dream like trance.

I’m low to the ground breathing still

I hear a howl and it’s sends a chill.

Instead of fear I’m alive with excitement,

A howl from my mouth expels from


Now I understand, I’m a wolf in the flesh

It’s why all my senses feel like their refreshed.

I can smell the ground and pick up a scent

I can hear a soft footprint and know their intent

I start to run through the undercut trees.

Dodging branches and running through leaves

My mouth waters as I speed through the night,

This dream is one hell of a sight.

Depression redemption

They say the saddest souls smile the most

It’s because we’re haunted by our inner ghosts

We don’t want you to feel any of our pain

So we dance and smile and we entertain

It’s a wall we put up to keep you away

Not from us, but our demons at play

A happy face won’t ever be questioned

We don’t want to spread to you our depression

We’ve admitted defeat, but youve still got a chance

At least that’s what we think when we sing and we dance

I’m a lost cause but I know you still have hope

Maybe my redemption lies in fixing the globe

So we do everything possible for your self-esteem

Because maybe, just maybe thats how we’re redeemed.


You don’t notice but I’m mentally drained

Everything I do in life is in vain, and it’s too much pain

You try to walk forward but it makes you insane.

Dodge the crumble but jump into a cars lane; now your on the ground slain

And that’s this life; you can’t jump in-front of the train, there’s no gain

The misery you’d leave your family, and you’re to blame. Yet mother fuckers talk about it and get into fame. There’s no shame.

It’s like: pretend your hurt; here’s a plane, rich cars, fast lanes.

All these media whores need a bullet in the brain. The ones who felt it, money made them tame.

Or their gone, but now their words have gone main. No appreciation when they were here; only when they’re slain.

Am I blind or have a problem in my brain, or is life really this lame?

I’d call it being human but I’m ashamed. Maybe I am going fucking insane, but this feel like one fucked up game.

I ain’t playin, I’m staying, I’ll spread the truth with no shame. My words will take aim, hopefully knock down the clown and keep it slain.

I know that if I feel this way, I’m not the only one in pain. Why do the many have to be strained? This shit isn’t a videogame, it’s our lives and it’s time we became unchained.

You’re a title

Acidic oceans eat the fish

It’s what’s on your plate!

Toxic meat in a 5 star dish,

You didn’t even think to hesitate!

The gallows are calling our name

It’s no game,

We have no time to debate.

Beauty shouldn’t come to an end,

But we pretend

Like we have another home to migrate

Reaper doesn’t wait for politics

It’s going to be hard work and sacrifice

No more debates about the crucifix

Make this planet our paradise.

New aged nightmare

The spirit inside me in withering and dying

It’s been disconnected for too long

I wander the streets and see people crying

No one stops to ask what’s wrong.

We’ve become disconnected and dispassionate

Unless were talking about our cars

We all feel the sense of being inadequate

But we lock those feelings behind bars

We’ve been raised to think materialism,

You need a good job to succeed.

World war 2 didn’t vanquish imperialism

Infact it planted the westerner’s seed.

Our society is full of many flaws

But our politicians don’t care

Speak against it and it’s faux pas

Welcome to the new aged nightmare.

Dark ages

In times of old

Our lives would be a story told

Biblical tales

Our society is falling off the rails

Disaster, disease and plague

But we focus on celebrity’s of our trash mags

Population too large

I hear Australia’s is sending the sick on a barge

Are we blind or dumb?

Or has the media turned us all numb?

I’m shocked to see how little we care

When we’re facing worldly despair

People claim to be awoke

To me the human population is a joke.

There’s a spot in the woods that I call home

It’s not a building, but it’s a habitat where I’ve grown

I know every bush, every tree, the roots and the loam.

It’s my green sanctuary where I can reflect

You can learn nature’s lesson while watching insects

Learn the woods language; the chirps and woodpecks.

I’m lucky to be there when the forests moans

To be able to connect with this beauty biome

It’s where my heart lies, that spot I call home.