The shunned class

The nails of which hold-up the comfort your home

Were put in place by the same type working in the loam.

The ones that you so easily ignored,

You’ll find working on concrete freshly poured.

We’re the ones that take you’re spite, but give it our all!

We’re the ones you often don’t think belong in your urban sprawl.

You think money and wealth is what run our lives;

Without the worker bees, you’re Queen loses the hives!

Look down all you want, from the throne which we built…

But remember, without us; all you’d have is a pile of silt.

Material life makes you think we’re lesser folk;

You never realize the sharpness until that fateful poke.

Creeping night

Crickets as the night creeps in

Slowly the light turns dim

Awaken the creatures of the night

With the eerie glow of the moon light

A blanket of black has swept over

Now the salamanders crawl through the clover

An owl in the distance shouts hoo hoo

While the grounds gets wet with the morning dew

A wolf howls at the rising moon

Which freaks out the calling loon

Shooting stars over head creates the spark

In the magic of the creeping dark.

The world in which we rarely see

Is something elegant and beautiful to me

Most have fear and an uneasy stance

When shadows come alive and start to dance

Mind’s burden; the hidden scars.

Sometimes the worst pain isn’t from cut skin

Sometimes the worst pain is massive burden

The kind that hold all the weight, but has no mass

It can leave you paralyzed like a car crash

It’s drowning even though your lungs have air

But no one notices it, in their blank stare

People don’t notice that sort of doom

They only notice when it’s a physical wound

Your soul can bleed from dawn to dusk

But that wound will always fester and puss

Fixing the torment that haunts your life

Is like open heart surgery with a rusted knife

Always forward.

Stains of the mind you can’t fix with bleach

The mark is in sight, but it’s always out of reach

Scar tissue of the consciousness, but we know it doesn’t heal

We claim we’ve fixed the problem, but it’s a numbness that we feel.

Expect to be strong, when the wounding makes you weak

It’s like using a broken paddle while paddling up creek

You wouldn’t understand unless you felt the same

The haunting images that completely control your brain

There’s no escape for those who have to suffer

But never give up when your whole world is a little tougher.

Spreading your pain to all of those who care

Isn’t a pain your loved ones should have to bare.

Early morning beauty

The beauty of the early morning is missed,

When you’re stuck in rush-hour pissed.

In the wilderness it’s different; almost mystic,

The scene reveals itself slowly, it’s artistic.

The privilege of enjoying it; you are blissed.

Unattainable sustainable

I long for a life where the wilderness strives

One where unity is the focus of our lives

Living with the trees, instead of cutting them down

No more pollution, in which we all drown.

A wild world with life so lush

No corporations, or a 9 to 5 rush.

I want to feed a moose from out of my hand,

And walk barefoot on pristine sand.

I want to breathe fresh air full of natural scent

Not have a landlord screaming for rent

Unfortunately that dream life is unattainable

Because our society is far from sustainable.


I’m lost…..

But I don’t want to be found.

I’m in distress….

But I’ve never been happier.

I see a world burning,

But I don’t feel the heat.

I smile and I laugh,

While the planet is in retreat.

There’s a voice that says “do something”

But every time I try, I go in reverse.

I’ve given up and focused on me,

I was fighting against an incurable disease,

That crippled my mind, in a time of need.

Now I don’t care if our species succeeds.

wake for earth.

Death and decay

life is in dismay

the world is on fire!


What have we done?

we blackened the sun,

and now our world is on the pyre.

Fossils of a human world.

If life is what we make it, why are we in decay?

Is it a sign of our doing; did we go astray?

We talk about the planets rescue, then we argue and fight.

While we’re at our differences, this goal is never in sight.

Our political rules damper the chance, to cure our problems so,

Society doesn’t really help either, when morals are consistently low.

Is there a fix, is there a way, to actually save ourselves?

Or are we destined to be extinct fossils, that are found on another being’s shelf?




How do we inspire?

Some people say I inspire, but Im just a man.
I see the erroneous world, but I have no plan.
I just speak about the wrongs, but dont know how to fight.
I guess the pen gives people a hope for right.

I wish I had the courage to battle on,
Face my enemies and bring in a new day’s dawn.
But in my mind, I see my death as the only conclusion
Because our worldy powers eliminate all intrusions.

So I say to myself; use the pen to avoid being dead.
Because you cant make change when the sword fells your head.
I just feel like this is an iferior way of crusade.
Against a tyrant world that makes mankind feel betrayed.

Almost everyone I know feels the same in their heart,
But how does one, convince the population to take part?