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No Choice For Your Future

Paths of life are fenced shut.
Gaurded and patrolled.
Its really hits your gut,
Seeing your life so controlled. 

You can only choose the path ahead,
Its the one path to take.
Enless your looking for dead.
Even breaking free is a giant mistake. 

Your dreams are deemed lies,
By the grasp of authority.
Your future dies,
When you line up with the majority. 

What we strive to be, can be no longer,
When their grasp on our future, is ever so stronger

Burn To Be Free

My cares have vanished,
Im not the same,
My soul has been banished,
Into a world of the insane. 

A stricken match to light,
The glow of my inner fire,
The match is the souls fight,
The escape a burning pyre. 

The fire was for illumination,
But instead I got burned.
History causes damnation, 
Of lessons I refused to learn. 

I try to shed light on events,
Escape from a darkened past,
Hastily put up a defence, 
And get burned twice as fast. 

Healing always causes a scar,
Flames of past sear skin…
Once your burned to the charr;
Your freedom will finally begin.

The Workings Of Our World

Oil so we can get far,
Fake food for hunger’s pain.
Luxury for a status rank,
Money for power’s gain. 

A system of lies,
A life of lustful greed,
This world is born of hatred,
Yet we allow it to breed. 

Assemble the masses for tv shows,
Hidden agendas of ignorance and hate. 
In the minds of our children it grows,
Evil that resides from mindless debates. 

Mankind and its corruption,
The way we live our lives,
Theres no one to stop it,
Cuz freedom isnt what money buys.

The Unfinished Story Of A Cast Down God.

Drink my beer, drink my ale,
Sit back and listen to my tale.
Its a story of a young god, turned to man,
From the magic of revenge’s hand. 

Cast down out of spite, or maybe it was hatred.
He didn’t do right. Now his divinity is faded. 
Forgotten and destined as a wanderer. 
Left on earth to become a ponderer. 

Reflecting on his previous life, he must find right.
To end mankind’s strife, this man must learn to fight. 
No power, no help, no hope.
Only the strength of his soul to cope. 

He can grow bitter, or he can grow strong.
Mankind’s babysitter, fixing all our wrong. 
A wandering soul in the dark of night,
A human being with a godly might. 

Time will tell us the end of this story,
Maybe its of failure, or maybe its of glory.

You Did This Yourself. 

The wind blows loud, but im not there.
It fills your soul, with that haunting scare. 
You feel all alone, miserable and sad. 
You did this yourself, ain’t that too bad. 
There’s no one to comfort you; no one to hold.
You lack the courage to stand strong and bold. 

You whimper and cry, questioning the night’s sky,
But your salvation is about to run dry. 
You break down and think of your past, 
And how it came to an end, unbearably fast.

No one to listen, no one to speak. 
Your emotions are gone, your mind is bleak. 
A desolate soul haunts your emptied mind,
And salvation is not something you can easily find. 
Alone in the world, alone in your head,
Events of the past make you wish you were dead. 

You lit a match and tossed it on the pyre,
But failed to notice it was you in the fire. 
You only felt bad, after feeling the pain,
Now that emptiness is making you insane. 

I wish I could help you, it makes me sad, 
But you did this yourself, aint that too bad. 

The Lust For Battle

The grass is green, my sword lacks blood.
It wont be long before a battle’s flood;
Of men and horse, the charge will start,
Where many people get torn apart. 
A distance sound: the battle horn,
The signal for combat is finally born.

Cries and screams as many fall.
Only a lucky few will get accepted in the hall.
Where champions go when they die,
Into the sky their souls will fly.

The clash of steel, the sound of war,
Our ancient norseman’s historical lore. 
Watching my enemies fall with such great ease,
Our furry brings their strongest to their knees.
Surrendering to us means certain slavery,
Its much better to die with some bravery. 

The Pain Of Burden

I beg the gods for sleep.
Maybe I’ll wait for my death.
As I constantly remember what I reap.
It slowly takes away my breath.

Burdens in the form of memory,
Haunting me so I cannot rest.
Things I wish I would not see,
Keep me strung out and really stressed.

The pain that comes with selfless acts,
The type of person for sacrifice;
For a better world I’ll face the axe.
For a better world I’ll pay the price.

My life to give, to better yours.
Until my death, I’ll watch the horrors.

Guidance For Equality

Give me guidance, take away this pain.
Conquer my enemies, let the evil be slain.
We can’t find happiness, no ones the same.
Our worlds in ruins, it’s a damn shame.

It was once so nice, now it’s dead.
So much killing, our rivers run red.
Speak against them; you’re shot in the head.
So many wars, the lands filled with lead.

We must unite, joined by our love.
Take away divisions, remove the iron glove.
Destroy the thrones, give tyrants a shove.
Hunt for our peace, release our dove.

Give me guidance, show me how.
We must unite, seek peace right now.
Regenerate the land, kill the cash cow.
Equality for all, greed we can’t allow.

Fix this land, educate the masses.
Stop the hatred, end divisions between classes.
Who cares who’s richer, who cares who’s fastest.
If we don’t it’s too late, then the world collapses.

A World Of The Obscene

Society feeds on black oil.
The world we knew is coming to boil.
The temperature steadily rises,
As man-kind focuses on the prizes.
Not of enlightenment, equality or protection of life,
The focus is wealth, materialism and a hot wife.

What good are fake rewards?
When it makes a planet of cheap whores.
People seek vengeance, just for the dollar,
In a game of who’s the biggest baller.
Strength for looks, beauty for pride.
When it comes to me, I’d rather have died.

Fake lives, fake morals, fake world.
Into the sun our planet should be hurled.
Fuck this world run by a monetary bill.
Allowing the kings of men to rape and kill.
No justice, no honour, no freedom.
Just because we’re born into their kingdom?

The kingdom of men is a wasted place,
In such a magical, lively space.
Taken for granted in this life of sin,
While rulers argue and bargain.
Paving way to a dead planet of green,
How we run this world is fucking obscene!

Strength Of Our Souls

Upon these torn wings I fly,
Taking soar into a dark night’s sky.
The burden of life tries to hold me down,
The horrors and pain call me into the ground.
I must resist all calls for my end,
It’s the strength of our souls I must defend.

Strength and courage will always prevail,
Like an unbreakable suit of chainmail;
The evils of this world will not penetrate.
I am the stone wall, I am a steel gate.
Honour and dignity to power my sword,
Rising against mankind’s weakness; and evil horde.

Tempting our minds with greed, hate and lust,
Trying to tarnish our souls like a thick rust.
We’ve got to be sharp, clean and quick,
To be able to give the over-all evil the prick.
A stab to the dark, from a blade of light,
This is mankind’s very last fight.

Arise on these torn wings we must fly,
Or this impending doom will cause us to die.
We must sanctify our love, our courage: the right.
Defend against evil we must; give evil the smite.
Stand strong, unify, attack!
Take our beautiful world back.

A Dark Day

A dark day; upon us it rose,
Future of which only the planet knows.
We create, we destroy, we try to hide,
All the things that let us die.
We cower in fear of the sight ahead,
Even though it’s clear, we’re already dead.

A blame game is something always played,
Yet those same souls are the ones who’ve paid.
It’s like we must refuse to look,
Even if it’s written in a holy book.
I guess it’s just a whole lot easier to pretend,
That mankind will never see an end.

A sad day, a dark day, certainly looms,
As our society continuously blooms.
The ones who see, have quit long ago,
For this future, they had already known.
No hope, no cure for a human disease,
Of which our species refuses to see.

Apocalyptic Thought

The earth cracks and shakes
But still I stand strong and wait
Smoke turns day to night
Its very calm before the fight

Fire burns to the sky
Every thought was really a lie
People panic and run
He has ended their fun

Crowds suffocate and they die
The rest let out terrible cries
I still stand strong
I havent been wrong

A red glow comes into sight

Souls and monster are in view
This against a dying few
I am brave and not afraid
All around bodies are laid

The end has came for them already
But still I stand strong and steady
One man alone is all it takes
To try and fix all mans mistakes

Courage is your best friend
When your facing the end
I may die quick, I may die slow
But ill give them a dieing blow

Man has brought this on his own
Now the evil has grown

The Pirates Life (Jokery/Humourous Poem)

The hurricane was all around
against the the seas our ship would pound
but still our men worked hard
for we play with every dealt card

We are strong and we don’t take shit
or we be cuttin you to bits
We drink lotsa rum
by the gallon drum
and smoke our favorite pipe
before we all fight!

We fly the skull in the air
so our enemies get a scare
We steal from the rich and the poor
in order to get some more

We live to die
and get a piece of the pie
and we fight for every crumb
cuz’ living at sea makes us dumb
but to everyone we are death
because we are the best

Pirates are what we are
everyone knows us near and far
We’re known for crimes
to pass our time
for our fun is in the pillage
as we take the women from the village
a few kegs and some meat
will get our men back on their feet

The Ruined World

The air today is full of smoke
No one cares, its one big joke
We live, we die but rarely succeed
in this world controlled by greed
we think killing things for money
seems to be real funny

Everyone pollutes and takes over natures land
for their company’s expanding plan
They take water, air and ground
and when they do this, they increase sound
metal pipes lead to lakes
and out comes the factory’s mistakes

They make plastic fun
but it kills nature and everyone
Nature’s trees are cut and sold
in a plan that will soon unfold
kill all nature to be rich
thinking it’ll go off without a hitch

Little do they know their greed and lust
will just be one big bust
Money cant stop the end at hand
and this is not what was planned
Our earth is dissolving day by day
and we’ll be the ones who ultimately pay!

The Poor

We have to buy land
and have an insurance plan
in order to live in a home
as they fill the walls with foam
the very poor
get locked out the door
and without a job
you have to rob
in order to eat and drink
Without a shower you stink
but they cant change
since their profit range
is so small
they cant even afford a wall
without an income
you cant afford any fun
so you steal and lie
to try and get a piece of the pie
without an address
you get into one big mess
but if homes were free
there would be equal opportunity
for the rich and poor
to not get kicked out the door


The summers get hotter every year
soon it’ll be too hot to enjoy a beer
Our life of speed
is fueled by greed

While we buy a bigger car
We’re to lazy to walk, everything’s ‘to far’
all our stuff runs on gas
which will suffocate us all to the past

We take over forests and farms
because no one gives a darn
building roads everyday
seems to be the only way

If you walk, its one big fuss
but its a lot cleaner than a bus
The demand for electricity is real high
because without it a lot will die,
but our power plants are real bad
this might be a little sad,
they pollute so much, they kill all
but their animals so its not our fault

No one cares, no one minds
untill it catches up with mankind

Mentally Insane

Us human kind love to debate
about our rules, our law and our beliefs
and who we can choose to be our mate
A day shall come where we’re released!

We use armed guards to patrol our border
to ensure no poor can make it in
you only get rich by following orders
that’s how it is in this life of sin

We make institutes and jails
to keep the society wrong
as they pump propaganda threw the mail
to smuggle the rejected song

We’re taught in school that fighting’s wrong
but our government fights wars everyday
they should just shut the hell up and hit a bong
but they are far to concerned with the pay

There isn’t a break, we’re enslaved!
our choices are theirs, come sun or rain
we must be on our best, well behaved
so says a president that’s mentally insane!


The industrial revolution has come and should be gone
But our people think no work for a few is wrong
We double the production of CO2 almost everyday
But no one cares as long as there’s pay

Greed, lust and hate crimes
Are very present in this time
People don’t get along, just fight
In a society that follows wrong, not right!

Religion is a big key
In a crumbling society, don’t you see!
Beliefs of life are all wrong
All you need is happiness and a great song

We blow ourselves up for our god
While we’re just a small seed in a pod
There is no higher being or a hell
So stop ringing that damn church bell

Don’t lure people in with fake fears
When most of your ministers are queers
We don’t want your pretend answers to why were here
But rather a solution to a death that’s near

The Human Farm

Our people are full of disease
This leaves us with unease
Pollution is in our air
But everyone is far to concerned with there hair

If you speak out loud
You might get a crowd
But you’ll go to jail
And your mission you’ll fail

We’re all sheep in this race
Following the others without an idea what we’ll face
When we get to the axe
We learn the facts

It’s too late to turn around,
Were just going to be put in the ground
A death that is cruel
Comes from the people who rule

It’s so rare
To see them care
Since they make the rich more rich
And this happeneds as long as it’s us in their ditch

There are enough guns for everyone
To finish the rulers, make them done
But we live in fear
As we get raped in the rear

They make us think they keep peace
When they’re only concerned with a feast
Of the lower class
And they will consume us all by the mass!

The Army Way

We’re brought up tough
We fight real rough
Our goals are set by our president
We march and kill and terrorize
And try to take over and democratize

We make enemies all around the world
And poison them so bad they constantly hurl
Our leaders use cruel and unusual punishment
To get all the secrets from the informant

Killing billions is our fun
Because we have our advanced guns
We don’t die so its justified
All the killing and raping is our countries pride!

We demolish buildings that are grand
Because it’s not on our land
The planes we have are so fast
They turn the ground into a fiery blast

No one will survive and if they do
The marines will come kill you!
Our motto is exterminate the pest
Because we think were better than the rest!

No Respect

The young-minded child walks by
As the old man feels pity
For the child makes him cry
The kids today have no respect
For the old mans property
Instead the child turns his neck
And laughs as he spits
Not knowing that the old man’s a vet
The child does not know what he’s done
For he’s not learned right from wrong
The old veteran stands and grabs his gun
Then the old man chases him knowing he’s won
The kid now has a lot of fear
Realizing he’s now the deer
As the old man becomes the hunter
And the child cries for his mother
The kid needs to learn to respect you’re elder
As the child reaches a gate
He sees it’s far too late
He ducks and cowers before the man
Who surprisingly sticks out his hand
I won’t harm you son
For this is a fake gun
But you’ve learned the point
An elder may not have a good joint
But all old men deserve better
From punks like you who owe me for your shelter
You don’t understand
That I made this land
Free for you, free for me
So treat me with decency!

The War On Freedom, Not Terrorism (When Will It Stop?)

Invasions dub’d freedom, soldiers named for peace
Bombs made for a cause, making populations diseased
Rulers never see combat, they give orders a million miles away
Two buildings fall and people die, Someone must pay!!!

Twin towers drop, let their children’s blood run
War for no cause, must be lots of fun
Fight back to be free, fight the american scum!
Kill their soldiers, celebrate by drinking rum.

They want countries not peace, advanced guns make the bodies drop
Oil is in view… greed has won, Instead of using it they burn the crop
Riding in on their steel horse, blowing shit up without a hitch
People run and try to hide, only way to fight is I.E.D’s in a ditch

Bush versus Iraq, the land of liberty is enraged
Slap on a terrorist name, arrest them all and throw them into a Cuban cage
Technology is advanced, but the defenders are wise
America uses armor, Iraqi’s put on a disguise

No more dreams of peace, You cant get any sleep
Americas digging their own grave, now its far to deep
They burn the land and poison the water, a rodent has gotten into the cheese
Americans have no remorse, this leaves people with unease

Houses crumble and fall, their owners are pissed
A ruined landscape, the population raises their fists
Planes release bombs, snipers hide and aim
America see’s a win, Saddam has been slain

They still fight, many aren’t feeling too well
America still tries, this is now a desert hell
Bombs and bullets fall from the sky, an apocalyptic rain
Nowhere to run or hide, the ground is a red stain

Mothers fathers and kids, gunned down at a shop
Death is everywhere, WHEN WILL IT STOP????

Governments Stop The World From Going Round

A choice leaves much conflict
Leaves society in a split
Everyone turns a blind eye
Its next to impossible to survive
Majorities have no more power
The governments hide like cowards
You cant change the law already made
Your freedom and life is how you’ve payed

We’ve got no say on what happens today
To listen to their law is your only way
Breaking the law keeps you in jail to stay
And they’ll expect you to believe in god and pray
Laws against man are not the way!!

Armed forces are lined up at your door
Their guns are aimed at the poor
Visions of wealth are in their head
They leave you with freedom totally dead
Lock yourself in your house tonight
This worlds fucked and it will never be alright
You cant even get a breath
Because the government is focused on your death

We’ve got no say on what happens today
To listen to their law is your only way
Breaking the law keeps you in jail to stay
And they’ll expect you to believe in god and pray
Laws against man are not the way!!

Everyone is waiting for someone to come
No one understands that all humans are dumb
They sit back and wait
Not knowing you can change your own fate
We still have time to make corrections
Our planet is in dire need of protection
But will our population change to benefit
Or will our lives be full of regrets??

We’ve got no say on what happens today
To listen to their law is your only way
Breaking the law keeps you in jail to stay
And they’ll expect you to believe in god and pray
Laws against man are not the way!!

Society’s Song

People grow up brainwashed and irresponsible
Going to have lots of trips to the hospital
They don’t get how to act
We’re separated from our pack
How can you become domesticated
When everyone around makes you irritated
Cant survive on your own, you’ll die
Its no longer up to you, you cant even lie

Our human history is one big mystery
Why do we fight when no one is right
There isn’t a point to try, everything is one big lie
So lets just all get really high!!

We think we’re all educated
They have techniques to leave your mind amputated
We learn ideas they want us to use
Only to make our lives full of abuse
See my thoughts threw my mind’s eye
Visions you try to forget by getting high
Money is their goal in sight
The richer you get the more you fight

Our human history is one big mystery
Why do we fight when no one is right
There isn’t a point to try, everything is one big lie
So lets just all get really high!!

You’ve got no say, a dog in the pound
If no one wants you, you’re buried in the ground
You drink to forget your new-found pain
Don’t fight back, you cant go against the grain
You cant run, maybe you’ll hide
Only the weak commit suicide
If you do ill spit on your grave
You took the easy way out, you aint brave

Our human history is one big mystery
Why do we fight when no one is right
There isn’t a point to try, everything is one big lie
So lets just all get really high

I justify my moves and how I act
They’ll attempt to make a counter-attack
My brain isn’t washed, it never got cleaned
I’m going against authority like a fiend
Stand in my way, you wont last long
This is lyrics of freedom, not some gay pop song
You may have some type of armament
But you’ll never get through to us with punishment!

Our human history is one big mystery
Why do we fight when no one is right
There isn’t a point to try, everything is one big lie
So lets just all get really high
Our human history is one big mystery
Why do we fight when no one is right
There isn’t a point to try, everything is one big lie
So lets just all get really high