The industrial revolution has come and should be gone
But our people think no work for a few is wrong
We double the production of CO2 almost everyday
But no one cares as long as there’s pay

Greed, lust and hate crimes
Are very present in this time
People don’t get along, just fight
In a society that follows wrong, not right!

Religion is a big key
In a crumbling society, don’t you see!
Beliefs of life are all wrong
All you need is happiness and a great song

We blow ourselves up for our god
While we’re just a small seed in a pod
There is no higher being or a hell
So stop ringing that damn church bell

Don’t lure people in with fake fears
When most of your ministers are queers
We don’t want your pretend answers to why were here
But rather a solution to a death that’s near

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