No Respect

The young-minded child walks by
As the old man feels pity
For the child makes him cry
The kids today have no respect
For the old mans property
Instead the child turns his neck
And laughs as he spits
Not knowing that the old man’s a vet
The child does not know what he’s done
For he’s not learned right from wrong
The old veteran stands and grabs his gun
Then the old man chases him knowing he’s won
The kid now has a lot of fear
Realizing he’s now the deer
As the old man becomes the hunter
And the child cries for his mother
The kid needs to learn to respect you’re elder
As the child reaches a gate
He sees it’s far too late
He ducks and cowers before the man
Who surprisingly sticks out his hand
I won’t harm you son
For this is a fake gun
But you’ve learned the point
An elder may not have a good joint
But all old men deserve better
From punks like you who owe me for your shelter
You don’t understand
That I made this land
Free for you, free for me
So treat me with decency!

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