The Pirates Life (Jokery/Humourous Poem)

The hurricane was all around
against the the seas our ship would pound
but still our men worked hard
for we play with every dealt card

We are strong and we don’t take shit
or we be cuttin you to bits
We drink lotsa rum
by the gallon drum
and smoke our favorite pipe
before we all fight!

We fly the skull in the air
so our enemies get a scare
We steal from the rich and the poor
in order to get some more

We live to die
and get a piece of the pie
and we fight for every crumb
cuz’ living at sea makes us dumb
but to everyone we are death
because we are the best

Pirates are what we are
everyone knows us near and far
We’re known for crimes
to pass our time
for our fun is in the pillage
as we take the women from the village
a few kegs and some meat
will get our men back on their feet

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