The War On Freedom, Not Terrorism (When Will It Stop?)

Invasions dub’d freedom, soldiers named for peace
Bombs made for a cause, making populations diseased
Rulers never see combat, they give orders a million miles away
Two buildings fall and people die, Someone must pay!!!

Twin towers drop, let their children’s blood run
War for no cause, must be lots of fun
Fight back to be free, fight the american scum!
Kill their soldiers, celebrate by drinking rum.

They want countries not peace, advanced guns make the bodies drop
Oil is in view… greed has won, Instead of using it they burn the crop
Riding in on their steel horse, blowing shit up without a hitch
People run and try to hide, only way to fight is I.E.D’s in a ditch

Bush versus Iraq, the land of liberty is enraged
Slap on a terrorist name, arrest them all and throw them into a Cuban cage
Technology is advanced, but the defenders are wise
America uses armor, Iraqi’s put on a disguise

No more dreams of peace, You cant get any sleep
Americas digging their own grave, now its far to deep
They burn the land and poison the water, a rodent has gotten into the cheese
Americans have no remorse, this leaves people with unease

Houses crumble and fall, their owners are pissed
A ruined landscape, the population raises their fists
Planes release bombs, snipers hide and aim
America see’s a win, Saddam has been slain

They still fight, many aren’t feeling too well
America still tries, this is now a desert hell
Bombs and bullets fall from the sky, an apocalyptic rain
Nowhere to run or hide, the ground is a red stain

Mothers fathers and kids, gunned down at a shop
Death is everywhere, WHEN WILL IT STOP????

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