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How do we inspire?

Some people say I inspire, but Im just a man.
I see the erroneous world, but I have no plan.
I just speak about the wrongs, but dont know how to fight.
I guess the pen gives people a hope for right.

I wish I had the courage to battle on,
Face my enemies and bring in a new day’s dawn.
But in my mind, I see my death as the only conclusion
Because our worldy powers eliminate all intrusions.

So I say to myself; use the pen to avoid being dead.
Because you cant make change when the sword fells your head.
I just feel like this is an iferior way of crusade.
Against a tyrant world that makes mankind feel betrayed.

Almost everyone I know feels the same in their heart,
But how does one, convince the population to take part?

A world thats not mine. 

My best friend is despair.
A world of lust, no place for me.
Peace and love is rare.
A world of hate, I cant break free.

My lover is sorrow.
A world of blind, as my third eye awakens,
No hope for a better tomorrow.
A world of ignorance, everyone’s mistaken.

My enemy is wisdom.
A world of lies, I hunt truth.
Everyone’s focused on income.
A world of greed, and its taught to our youth.

My idol is revenge,
A world of arrogance, should be vanished.
This world needs avenged.
A world of destruction, let them be banished!

The end is nigh

The end you shall see.
A hopeless species be.
Forsaken have you become,
From the actions you have done.
Invisible forces do play,
As you live day by day.
Begone from this beautiful place,
The home you chose to disgrace.

Wrong road ahead. 

Ever get that feeling like your watching your chosen road turn away?
While the road your on, will undoubtfully leave you astray….
Can you picture the right, but you live in the wrong?
Do you feel like you want to get on it, but its too far-gone?

I want to change paths, but I feel a glue.
People tell me its alright, but they dont have a clue.
I want to escape this life, and avoid all of its pain,
Or make the human world vanish, and let nature remain.

I get mocked and ridiculed for speaking my heart,
Because its an acceptable thing – tearing this world apart.
I want to be wild, and free to roam.
I wish nature is what I called my home.

I want to run on the road so free,
I want to be the man I was destined to be….
Instead I work to pay my bills,
The burden of this life really kills.

I am cattle, I am weak. 

I must confess, my minds a mess.
I have confusions; my world is delusions.
I try to escape this world of slavery,
But I think I lack the much needed bravery.

Im helpless, Im lost and Im so afraid,
That I’m contributing to the evil we’ve made.
Going to work and ignoring pain,
Turning my back to my own selfish stain.

I want to escape, I want to change,
But my ambitions are out of my range.
I feel like a warrior who cant find his battle,
I am becomming part of the heard of cattle.

I have lost sight of the conquest I seek,
I am not strong, but only weak.