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Dark ages

In times of old

Our lives would be a story told

Biblical tales

Our society is falling off the rails

Disaster, disease and plague

But we focus on celebrity’s of our trash mags

Population too large

I hear Australia’s is sending the sick on a barge

Are we blind or dumb?

Or has the media turned us all numb?

I’m shocked to see how little we care

When we’re facing worldly despair

People claim to be awoke

To me the human population is a joke.

My home

There’s a spot in the woods that I call home

It’s not a building, but it’s a habitat where I’ve grown

I know every bush, every tree, the roots and the loam.

It’s my green sanctuary where I can reflect

You can learn nature’s lesson while watching insects

Learn the woods language; the chirps and woodpecks.

I’m lucky to be there when the forests moans

To be able to connect with this beauty biome

It’s where my heart lies, that spot I call home.

Disease of the brain

In through the crack in a seem-less mind

Does this problematic idea find

It grows like cancer as it roots around

Taking over all the thoughts this idea has found

Turning a clear mind into a sea of insane

How an idea can manifest into disease of the brain.


The worst action a person can do

Is the one that hurts more than just you.

When the wound you leave is on their heart

It will seem impossible to hit restart.

You become lost from the pain you caused

Emotions flow while the world is paused.

A good soul avoids causing pain,

But sometimes that’s lost in vein.

Sometimes those actions are needed

Sometimes happiness forms when guilt is ceded