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You’re a title

Acidic oceans eat the fish

It’s what’s on your plate!

Toxic meat in a 5 star dish,

You didn’t even think to hesitate!

The gallows are calling our name

It’s no game,

We have no time to debate.

Beauty shouldn’t come to an end,

But we pretend

Like we have another home to migrate

Reaper doesn’t wait for politics

It’s going to be hard work and sacrifice

No more debates about the crucifix

Make this planet our paradise.

New aged nightmare

The spirit inside me in withering and dying

It’s been disconnected for too long

I wander the streets and see people crying

No one stops to ask what’s wrong.

We’ve become disconnected and dispassionate

Unless were talking about our cars

We all feel the sense of being inadequate

But we lock those feelings behind bars

We’ve been raised to think materialism,

You need a good job to succeed.

World war 2 didn’t vanquish imperialism

Infact it planted the westerner’s seed.

Our society is full of many flaws

But our politicians don’t care

Speak against it and it’s faux pas

Welcome to the new aged nightmare.