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day break in the wilds

Awake before the morning light,

Your eyes play game in the early twilight.

You hear the birds awake and call,

Away from the deafening urban sprawl.

There’s a loon on the lake who cries out loud,

The signal to the sun to remove the shroud.

The sky turns blue, or at least you think

It seems like the nighttime is starting to sink

The bush get louder and the energy rises

A great new day this symbolizes.

The night I dreamt I was a wolf

This night I went to sleep but actually awoke

This dream world is clearer than my words spoke.

I snapped into the dark of the forest’s night

But my eyes could see like it was daylight.

I’m confused and trying to make sense

Of what’s going on in this dream like trance.

I’m low to the ground breathing still

I hear a howl and it’s sends a chill.

Instead of fear I’m alive with excitement,

A howl from my mouth expels from


Now I understand, I’m a wolf in the flesh

It’s why all my senses feel like their refreshed.

I can smell the ground and pick up a scent

I can hear a soft footprint and know their intent

I start to run through the undercut trees.

Dodging branches and running through leaves

My mouth waters as I speed through the night,

This dream is one hell of a sight.