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a hiaku for bc old growth.

The old growth ancient forests 

Are shaded by doom of man 

Bright green fades to black 


I cant breathe,
Where is my meaning?
Am I a disease?
Is life just a tease?

I see the people pass;
They’re zombies.
Brain dead gathered in mass;
Empty bodies;
Its the consumer class.

I’m supposed to be one of them?
That’s sleaze.
Am I condemned?
I cant appease;
I will not pretend.

No room to breathe,
I’ll suffocate;
And I’ll accept my fate.
Ill be that disease;
If it means my life will be free.

A title that includes the word ‘ceasar’ or something.

Watch me engulf myself in flame...
Who's to blame?
Not you, not me, not anyone.
But the fire will keep me warm;
Since the warmth in you has gone....
Its alright, the pain I can bare;
It hurts less than your empty stare.

Watch myself fail and decompose.
That's okay, with you I become comatose. 
Numb, blind and deaf...
That's all I had left.
From nothing, comes something;
And I'll be damned if I let you be my everything.

Watch me sprout and grow;
Planted in ashes in which you sow.
Watered and fed with spite,
Grown in the moonlight;
The shadow I cast will forever last;
Roots strengthened from my nightmarish past.

The world tree with roots down deep,
I'm in your dreams while you sleep.
You'll question your actions,
As you become a simple distraction.
Now healed beyond the char;
Ill become you Ceasar.

Im out of titles….

Its about to converge
The disproportionate universe
We don’t belong
Past dates are all mistakes
And the inevitable is prolonged
Where did we go so wrong
Shifted to a timeline all corrupt
Where the peoples tempers fully erupt
Hatred and sorrow
We laugh at the problems of tomorrow
Wash away your gangrene
Hide all our obscene
Band-aid fix the world’s plague
Blinded to the fact weve all been tagged
Life goes on they all proclaim
Until even they have all been slain
Ignorance is bliss the wise man said
Now even he has fallen dead
Was it the disease or was it the ego
Everyone thinks they are the storys hero
But theyre really scum in the eyes of life
Youre not a hero when you slash with a knife
Even if youre unaware of the direction you swing
Something still feels a sting


The moons shackled; then turns fractal

The Oceans divide, There’s a great fire above us in the sky; The Ancestors sigh.

The mountain screams, Then it explodes at the seams; The deadly steams!

Renewing rain turns to acid; leaves turn brown then go flaccid.

Fat belly’s start to whine, their hunger feeds the crime; atrocity is the new prime.

The ground shutters and shakes, it’s like a chuckle mocking our fate.

Shadow king

They’ll never know the depth of my sorrow

They only care about what they can borrow

They pretend to care in my times of need,

But it’s not for sympathy; it’s only for greed.

Act out; and Ill get labeled a fiend,

Never quite the status of a human being.

In the shades, I’ll never be seen;

The life of a shadow king.

Whispers of a figure who was meant to be;

Theyre pretending to foresee one’s destiny.

False wisdom backs their judgements’ cast

Unaware they’re staring into the eyes of a wrath.

The breaking point to become a fiend

Gets blamed on being a human being

Forgotten in the shades, never seen;

The wrath of a shadow king.