A title that includes the word ‘ceasar’ or something.

Watch me engulf myself in flame...
Who's to blame?
Not you, not me, not anyone.
But the fire will keep me warm;
Since the warmth in you has gone....
Its alright, the pain I can bare;
It hurts less than your empty stare.

Watch myself fail and decompose.
That's okay, with you I become comatose. 
Numb, blind and deaf...
That's all I had left.
From nothing, comes something;
And I'll be damned if I let you be my everything.

Watch me sprout and grow;
Planted in ashes in which you sow.
Watered and fed with spite,
Grown in the moonlight;
The shadow I cast will forever last;
Roots strengthened from my nightmarish past.

The world tree with roots down deep,
I'm in your dreams while you sleep.
You'll question your actions,
As you become a simple distraction.
Now healed beyond the char;
Ill become you Ceasar.

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