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Earth is a wreck (hiku)

Earth hit the guard rail

It blew up in a fiery wreck

No hope for man now

Survival of the fittest, or brains that are the simplist?

It’s smells like shit outside

Mr. Nine to five ordered pesticide

A few ants made him loose his cool

Furthermore he found a mouse in his pool

The wife screamed bloody murder and fainted

The company showed up and turned the land tainted

Now everything’s dead and I can’t even take a breath

Inhale the stale air and you instantly feel like death

We might be immune to the instant effect

And if you get diseased, the chemicals are never the suspect

It’s worth it if the ants and mice are eradicated

As long as they’re not in the life we fabricated

Consequences for the next generation

Just creating that dooms day preparation.

Don’t breath, don’t think, kill it all

Big egos, yet minds so small.

The world as I see it

I can’t deal with these people who are so focused on their own desire.

It’s like a bunch of dragons flying around; turning a good life into fire.

They horde their gold, which they stole from the peasants

Consuming everything that you’ve created; like it’s a group of pheasants.

Don’t you dare demand respect; cuz you’ll be searching in a void.

They’ll break your heart, squash your soul – all you’re feelings were just toy’d.

You can say I’m full of hate; but I’m actually full of reason.

I see what these people do; they have moralS to betray – it’s treason.

Golden rules were smelted down and recast into the coins they spent

If you want to try and have a meaningful relationship, they charge you rent.

Claiming nothing’s free in this life, as they laugh to their emotional bank

But the emotional debt they’ve created is why this ship sank

No bailing out a life of pain when no one gives a real shit about why

They’d rather pull out their phone and record the broken person as they cry

Popularity contest on their fake online personality

Creating a world full of emotional fatality

Am I the only one who sees how messed up this world has become?

We had a chance for an everlasting meal; but were fighting over the small crumb

It suffocates my soul; like I’m swimming in a hurricane

The days I fight to keep my head above water; i end up insane

No fix in sight, no cure for our heart

Hopefully something changes before depart


Insomnia it’s great to see you again

Just remember that you’re not my friend

I know you have your talon’s grasp

On my brain; you’re the venomous asp

I want to sleep but I cannot slumber

In my head the noise is like thunder

It’s a form of torture to stay awake

But for so many sleep is a piece of cake

Please release me from your unfaltering hold

The feelings you leave with me are so damn cold

The warmth of rest I desire so intense

Let this sleep suddenly commence.


Woke up this morning questioning my brain

Every morning it’s the same;

Why am I lazy: where is my drive?

Why does my fight end up in a nose dive?

Those that question me, may actually be right

I’m just the biggest piece of crap in their sight.


Today I learned to be strong

Found the answer was autism

It’s not fault I get the criticism

My whole life becomes a lie

The failures were not from a lack of try

An ailment of the forsaken brain

Undiagnosed the successful life’s stain

They say awareness is the start to healing

Now we remove that confusing feeling

Understanding what’s actually going on

Time to see what’s on the new days dawn.

World on fire

The world burns,

The smoke churns

And I cannot breathe.

A daily choke

Our governments a joke

What did the voters see?

I suffocate

Like I’m an incarcerate

But no one has a key

How do we escape

What looks to be our fate

Hope is vanishing for you and me.