Verbal diarrhoea

Sometime when I speak

It feels more like a tweak

Words fly out with no consent

The end result is my own torment

My hands go up just like the anxiety

It doesn’t go over well in society

I get embarrassed at the words that escape

Makes me want to cover my mouth with tape

Thankfully there’s a few that understand

What came out wasn’t my plan

They forgive what I just spilled out

They’ll tell me it’s alright instead of pout

But when it’s with someone new to you

You’re left wondering what to do.

Will they be caring or will they walk away

Hopefully they give you the time of day

In the end it’s not my fault

I can’t control the mental summersault

The ones that choose to stick around

Are the ones I’m lucky to have found

Thank you to those that don’t flee

You like what’s in my soul; the real me.

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