Creeping night

Crickets as the night creeps in

Slowly the light turns dim

Awaken the creatures of the night

With the eerie glow of the moon light

A blanket of black has swept over

Now the salamanders crawl through the clover

An owl in the distance shouts hoo hoo

While the grounds gets wet with the morning dew

A wolf howls at the rising moon

Which freaks out the calling loon

Shooting stars over head creates the spark

In the magic of the creeping dark.

The world in which we rarely see

Is something elegant and beautiful to me

Most have fear and an uneasy stance

When shadows come alive and start to dance

Mind’s burden; the hidden scars.

Sometimes the worst pain isn’t from cut skin

Sometimes the worst pain is massive burden

The kind that hold all the weight, but has no mass

It can leave you paralyzed like a car crash

It’s drowning even though your lungs have air

But no one notices it, in their blank stare

People don’t notice that sort of doom

They only notice when it’s a physical wound

Your soul can bleed from dawn to dusk

But that wound will always fester and puss

Fixing the torment that haunts your life

Is like open heart surgery with a rusted knife

Always forward.

Stains of the mind you can’t fix with bleach

The mark is in sight, but it’s always out of reach

Scar tissue of the consciousness, but we know it doesn’t heal

We claim we’ve fixed the problem, but it’s a numbness that we feel.

Expect to be strong, when the wounding makes you weak

It’s like using a broken paddle while paddling up creek

You wouldn’t understand unless you felt the same

The haunting images that completely control your brain

There’s no escape for those who have to suffer

But never give up when your whole world is a little tougher.

Spreading your pain to all of those who care

Isn’t a pain your loved ones should have to bare.

No Choice For Your Future

Paths of life are fenced shut.
Gaurded and patrolled.
Its really hits your gut,
Seeing your life so controlled. 

You can only choose the path ahead,
Its the one path to take.
Enless your looking for dead.
Even breaking free is a giant mistake. 

Your dreams are deemed lies,
By the grasp of authority.
Your future dies,
When you line up with the majority. 

What we strive to be, can be no longer,
When their grasp on our future, is ever so stronger

Burn To Be Free

My cares have vanished,
Im not the same,
My soul has been banished,
Into a world of the insane. 

A stricken match to light,
The glow of my inner fire,
The match is the souls fight,
The escape a burning pyre. 

The fire was for illumination,
But instead I got burned.
History causes damnation, 
Of lessons I refused to learn. 

I try to shed light on events,
Escape from a darkened past,
Hastily put up a defence, 
And get burned twice as fast. 

Healing always causes a scar,
Flames of past sear skin…
Once your burned to the charr;
Your freedom will finally begin.

You Did This Yourself. 

The wind blows loud, but im not there.
It fills your soul, with that haunting scare. 
You feel all alone, miserable and sad. 
You did this yourself, ain’t that too bad. 
There’s no one to comfort you; no one to hold.
You lack the courage to stand strong and bold. 

You whimper and cry, questioning the night’s sky,
But your salvation is about to run dry. 
You break down and think of your past, 
And how it came to an end, unbearably fast.

No one to listen, no one to speak. 
Your emotions are gone, your mind is bleak. 
A desolate soul haunts your emptied mind,
And salvation is not something you can easily find. 
Alone in the world, alone in your head,
Events of the past make you wish you were dead. 

You lit a match and tossed it on the pyre,
But failed to notice it was you in the fire. 
You only felt bad, after feeling the pain,
Now that emptiness is making you insane. 

I wish I could help you, it makes me sad, 
But you did this yourself, aint that too bad. 

The Lust For Battle

The grass is green, my sword lacks blood.
It wont be long before a battle’s flood;
Of men and horse, the charge will start,
Where many people get torn apart. 
A distance sound: the battle horn,
The signal for combat is finally born.

Cries and screams as many fall.
Only a lucky few will get accepted in the hall.
Where champions go when they die,
Into the sky their souls will fly.

The clash of steel, the sound of war,
Our ancient norseman’s historical lore. 
Watching my enemies fall with such great ease,
Our furry brings their strongest to their knees.
Surrendering to us means certain slavery,
Its much better to die with some bravery. 

The Pirates Life (Jokery/Humourous Poem)

The hurricane was all around
against the the seas our ship would pound
but still our men worked hard
for we play with every dealt card

We are strong and we don’t take shit
or we be cuttin you to bits
We drink lotsa rum
by the gallon drum
and smoke our favorite pipe
before we all fight!

We fly the skull in the air
so our enemies get a scare
We steal from the rich and the poor
in order to get some more

We live to die
and get a piece of the pie
and we fight for every crumb
cuz’ living at sea makes us dumb
but to everyone we are death
because we are the best

Pirates are what we are
everyone knows us near and far
We’re known for crimes
to pass our time
for our fun is in the pillage
as we take the women from the village
a few kegs and some meat
will get our men back on their feet

The Army Way

We’re brought up tough
We fight real rough
Our goals are set by our president
We march and kill and terrorize
And try to take over and democratize

We make enemies all around the world
And poison them so bad they constantly hurl
Our leaders use cruel and unusual punishment
To get all the secrets from the informant

Killing billions is our fun
Because we have our advanced guns
We don’t die so its justified
All the killing and raping is our countries pride!

We demolish buildings that are grand
Because it’s not on our land
The planes we have are so fast
They turn the ground into a fiery blast

No one will survive and if they do
The marines will come kill you!
Our motto is exterminate the pest
Because we think were better than the rest!

No Respect

The young-minded child walks by
As the old man feels pity
For the child makes him cry
The kids today have no respect
For the old mans property
Instead the child turns his neck
And laughs as he spits
Not knowing that the old man’s a vet
The child does not know what he’s done
For he’s not learned right from wrong
The old veteran stands and grabs his gun
Then the old man chases him knowing he’s won
The kid now has a lot of fear
Realizing he’s now the deer
As the old man becomes the hunter
And the child cries for his mother
The kid needs to learn to respect you’re elder
As the child reaches a gate
He sees it’s far too late
He ducks and cowers before the man
Who surprisingly sticks out his hand
I won’t harm you son
For this is a fake gun
But you’ve learned the point
An elder may not have a good joint
But all old men deserve better
From punks like you who owe me for your shelter
You don’t understand
That I made this land
Free for you, free for me
So treat me with decency!

The Whore

The moon of my night, she pulls me from my grave.
Shes what taught me how to learn to be brave
Casting into me; courage never felt before
When the world cast its doubt, called her a whore
It was at that point i felt her sorrow and pain
Like a heavy fog, or an apocalyptic rain

The mutual healing, the unity and likeness of souls
Filling in both of our deepest, darkest holes
Maybe it was fate that showed me her light
Maybe it was fate that brought us together in this fight
A saviour to my sorrow, a savior to my past
The connection i longed for, i have found at-last

Off my shoulders lift the burdens of life
Off my shoulders comes the world of strife
Even if this connection was not mean to be
She has taught me ways to live and be free
I couldn’t ask for anything more
My saviour; the one they called the whore.

Actions In Life

What is the meaning of life?
Do we fully understand?
It can resemble a sharp knife,
It can resemble a beautiful land.

Every action has a certain meaning,
Every action is something you choose.
Decisions that make us human beings,
Are parts of our lives that you cannot refuse.

We can be blind to all the questions,
But the answers always become revealed.
Hidden truths become our obsessions,
Once we gain a look into whats concealed.

Life is opportunity for the right ways to act,
It’s this pressure that will cause so many to crack.

Into Valhalla I Fly

Take me to Asgard where I can find the fountain of youth.
Give me Idunn’s apple to satisfy my sweet tooth.
Old age vanquished by her fruits, so sweet.
Living with the gods should be every mans treat.
Drinking and fighting with champions of past.
A Valkyries loving hands i can feel at-last.

So let me fight, and let me fall,
Let me be taken into the great hall.
Let me fight my enemies, let me be slain.
Into battle where the gods take away my pain.

As i stand and i look without any fear,
Its the war horns i love, that ring in my ear.
The signal of strength, the honour and pride.
A forecast of humans who have already died.
Fate is written, battle’s already known.
Odin’s will is about to be shown.

So let me fight, and let me fall,
Let me be taken into the great hall.
Let me fight my enemies, let me be slain.
Into battle where the gods take away my pain.

I clench my shield, hammer and axe.
Above our heads, thors hammer cracks.
A signal that the gods favour our fight.
It gives us a strength, an undying might.
We charge and clash, our enemies all fall.
The lucky few die and are received in the great hall.

So let me fight, and let me fall,
Let me be taken into the great hall.
Let me fight my enemies, let me be slain.
Into battle where the gods take away my pain.

Valkyries Take Me Away.

Rejection destroyed when I die,
By her hand I’m lifted into the sky.
She see’s the beauty in my warriors death,
The honour that lies in my last breath.
Only from dying in combat against your enemy,
Or stripping the life of tyranny.

Sometimes the time lies within
When you need to vanquish sin,
Its the hope of your undying might,
Sometimes even death feels so right.

When you fall in combat, its not weak
If its death, from the freedom you seek.
Not one you’re paid to do; just for some twit,
Because fuck fighting for an idiot.
Its got to be freedom or your defense,
To be able to die with innocents.

Sometimes the time lies within,
When you need to vanquish sin,
Its the hope of your undying might,
Sometimes even death feels so right.

So a field of fallen brothers that died,
Is where our victory seems to hide.
In the hearts of gods, and the eyes of men,
Its not the beginning of our end,
Its the start of compassion so true,
Paid by the lives of a fallen few.

Sometimes the time lies within,
When you need to vanquish sin,
Its the hope of your undying might,
Sometimes even death feels so right.

Into the sky we’ll finally fly,
When the Valkyries take me when I die.