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The Unfinished Story Of A Cast Down God.

Drink my beer, drink my ale,
Sit back and listen to my tale.
Its a story of a young god, turned to man,
From the magic of revenge’s hand. 

Cast down out of spite, or maybe it was hatred.
He didn’t do right. Now his divinity is faded. 
Forgotten and destined as a wanderer. 
Left on earth to become a ponderer. 

Reflecting on his previous life, he must find right.
To end mankind’s strife, this man must learn to fight. 
No power, no help, no hope.
Only the strength of his soul to cope. 

He can grow bitter, or he can grow strong.
Mankind’s babysitter, fixing all our wrong. 
A wandering soul in the dark of night,
A human being with a godly might. 

Time will tell us the end of this story,
Maybe its of failure, or maybe its of glory.