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Early morning beauty

The beauty of the early morning is missed,

When you’re stuck in rush-hour pissed.

In the wilderness it’s different; almost mystic,

The scene reveals itself slowly, it’s artistic.

The privilege of enjoying it; you are blissed.

Unattainable sustainable

I long for a life where the wilderness strives

One where unity is the focus of our lives

Living with the trees, instead of cutting them down

No more pollution, in which we all drown.

A wild world with life so lush

No corporations, or a 9 to 5 rush.

I want to feed a moose from out of my hand,

And walk barefoot on pristine sand.

I want to breathe fresh air full of natural scent

Not have a landlord screaming for rent

Unfortunately that dream life is unattainable

Because our society is far from sustainable.


I’m lost…..

But I don’t want to be found.

I’m in distress….

But I’ve never been happier.

I see a world burning,

But I don’t feel the heat.

I smile and I laugh,

While the planet is in retreat.

There’s a voice that says “do something”

But every time I try, I go in reverse.

I’ve given up and focused on me,

I was fighting against an incurable disease,

That crippled my mind, in a time of need.

Now I don’t care if our species succeeds.

wake for earth.

Death and decay

life is in dismay

the world is on fire!


What have we done?

we blackened the sun,

and now our world is on the pyre.

How do we inspire?

Some people say I inspire, but Im just a man.
I see the erroneous world, but I have no plan.
I just speak about the wrongs, but dont know how to fight.
I guess the pen gives people a hope for right.

I wish I had the courage to battle on,
Face my enemies and bring in a new day’s dawn.
But in my mind, I see my death as the only conclusion
Because our worldy powers eliminate all intrusions.

So I say to myself; use the pen to avoid being dead.
Because you cant make change when the sword fells your head.
I just feel like this is an iferior way of crusade.
Against a tyrant world that makes mankind feel betrayed.

Almost everyone I know feels the same in their heart,
But how does one, convince the population to take part?

A world thats not mine. 

My best friend is despair.
A world of lust, no place for me.
Peace and love is rare.
A world of hate, I cant break free.

My lover is sorrow.
A world of blind, as my third eye awakens,
No hope for a better tomorrow.
A world of ignorance, everyone’s mistaken.

My enemy is wisdom.
A world of lies, I hunt truth.
Everyone’s focused on income.
A world of greed, and its taught to our youth.

My idol is revenge,
A world of arrogance, should be vanished.
This world needs avenged.
A world of destruction, let them be banished!

The end is nigh

The end you shall see.
A hopeless species be.
Forsaken have you become,
From the actions you have done.
Invisible forces do play,
As you live day by day.
Begone from this beautiful place,
The home you chose to disgrace.

The Unfinished Story Of A Cast Down God.

Drink my beer, drink my ale,
Sit back and listen to my tale.
Its a story of a young god, turned to man,
From the magic of revenge’s hand. 

Cast down out of spite, or maybe it was hatred.
He didn’t do right. Now his divinity is faded. 
Forgotten and destined as a wanderer. 
Left on earth to become a ponderer. 

Reflecting on his previous life, he must find right.
To end mankind’s strife, this man must learn to fight. 
No power, no help, no hope.
Only the strength of his soul to cope. 

He can grow bitter, or he can grow strong.
Mankind’s babysitter, fixing all our wrong. 
A wandering soul in the dark of night,
A human being with a godly might. 

Time will tell us the end of this story,
Maybe its of failure, or maybe its of glory.

The Pain Of Burden

I beg the gods for sleep.
Maybe I’ll wait for my death.
As I constantly remember what I reap.
It slowly takes away my breath.

Burdens in the form of memory,
Haunting me so I cannot rest.
Things I wish I would not see,
Keep me strung out and really stressed.

The pain that comes with selfless acts,
The type of person for sacrifice;
For a better world I’ll face the axe.
For a better world I’ll pay the price.

My life to give, to better yours.
Until my death, I’ll watch the horrors.

Guidance For Equality

Give me guidance, take away this pain.
Conquer my enemies, let the evil be slain.
We can’t find happiness, no ones the same.
Our worlds in ruins, it’s a damn shame.

It was once so nice, now it’s dead.
So much killing, our rivers run red.
Speak against them; you’re shot in the head.
So many wars, the lands filled with lead.

We must unite, joined by our love.
Take away divisions, remove the iron glove.
Destroy the thrones, give tyrants a shove.
Hunt for our peace, release our dove.

Give me guidance, show me how.
We must unite, seek peace right now.
Regenerate the land, kill the cash cow.
Equality for all, greed we can’t allow.

Fix this land, educate the masses.
Stop the hatred, end divisions between classes.
Who cares who’s richer, who cares who’s fastest.
If we don’t it’s too late, then the world collapses.

A World Of The Obscene

Society feeds on black oil.
The world we knew is coming to boil.
The temperature steadily rises,
As man-kind focuses on the prizes.
Not of enlightenment, equality or protection of life,
The focus is wealth, materialism and a hot wife.

What good are fake rewards?
When it makes a planet of cheap whores.
People seek vengeance, just for the dollar,
In a game of who’s the biggest baller.
Strength for looks, beauty for pride.
When it comes to me, I’d rather have died.

Fake lives, fake morals, fake world.
Into the sun our planet should be hurled.
Fuck this world run by a monetary bill.
Allowing the kings of men to rape and kill.
No justice, no honour, no freedom.
Just because we’re born into their kingdom?

The kingdom of men is a wasted place,
In such a magical, lively space.
Taken for granted in this life of sin,
While rulers argue and bargain.
Paving way to a dead planet of green,
How we run this world is fucking obscene!

Strength Of Our Souls

Upon these torn wings I fly,
Taking soar into a dark night’s sky.
The burden of life tries to hold me down,
The horrors and pain call me into the ground.
I must resist all calls for my end,
It’s the strength of our souls I must defend.

Strength and courage will always prevail,
Like an unbreakable suit of chainmail;
The evils of this world will not penetrate.
I am the stone wall, I am a steel gate.
Honour and dignity to power my sword,
Rising against mankind’s weakness; and evil horde.

Tempting our minds with greed, hate and lust,
Trying to tarnish our souls like a thick rust.
We’ve got to be sharp, clean and quick,
To be able to give the over-all evil the prick.
A stab to the dark, from a blade of light,
This is mankind’s very last fight.

Arise on these torn wings we must fly,
Or this impending doom will cause us to die.
We must sanctify our love, our courage: the right.
Defend against evil we must; give evil the smite.
Stand strong, unify, attack!
Take our beautiful world back.

A Dark Day

A dark day; upon us it rose,
Future of which only the planet knows.
We create, we destroy, we try to hide,
All the things that let us die.
We cower in fear of the sight ahead,
Even though it’s clear, we’re already dead.

A blame game is something always played,
Yet those same souls are the ones who’ve paid.
It’s like we must refuse to look,
Even if it’s written in a holy book.
I guess it’s just a whole lot easier to pretend,
That mankind will never see an end.

A sad day, a dark day, certainly looms,
As our society continuously blooms.
The ones who see, have quit long ago,
For this future, they had already known.
No hope, no cure for a human disease,
Of which our species refuses to see.

Revolution Starts Now. 

Breaking from the chains of oppression,

No more feelings of this depression.

Pushing against the grains of tyranny,

Awakening from this fucked up society.

A breath of fresh air fills my lung,

A new day’s dawn has finally begun.

Its such a shame,

There’s no one to blame,

But you and me,

Its a tragic irony. 

In the cover of night, we rise.

Stand up to the corporate lies.

Freedom will cost you and me,

What we consider our humanity.

Its a sacrifice of a personal type,

A necessary evil to win this fight.

Its such a shame,

There’s no one to blame,

But you and me,

Its a tragic irony.

We’ve been asleep at the wheel,

Giving into illusions that felt so real.

Brainwashed and tricked to believe,

In this false world designed to deceive.

Only to further their corporate greed,

They are the predators and we are the feed.